Dr. Tony A. Wilbeck is a seasoned doctor who has been in practice since 1984. He incorporates sincere and individualized care for each of his patients. Dr. Wilbeck has created a relaxing and upbeat atmosphere at his modern facility located in Wichita. Dr. Wilbeck has designed his practice as if he were the patient.  He and his caring professional staff strive for the highest quality in patient comfort, easy parking lot accessibility and chiropractic expertise. The practice boasts a welcoming atmosphere with private therapy suites, relaxing and therapeutic massage tables, and electrical muscle stimulators. The prime objective of each patient visit is to provide focused, fast, friendly and ultimately fantastic treatment results. It all begins with a thorough chiropractic evaluation, requiring a recent set of X-Rays and a detailed individualized report of findings so that there is no guessing when it comes to your treatment. It is our reputation and your best health which is ultimately at stake. Patients will be taught to better understand their condition through attendance of one of the doctor’s free spinal care classes.

tonymugTreatment includes the chiropractic adjustment to correct diagnosed subluxations of both the spine and the extremities. Physical therapy modalities may be utilized, depending on the patients respective diagnosis. Treatment results are dependent on the patients condition and their compliance with their treatment plan.