Disc Decompression Therapy

Do you have a lingering neck or back injury that is causing you severe or chronic pain? Has your quality of life diminished to the point that daily pain is keeping you from completing routine tasks, enjoying your favorite activities, or causing you to miss time at work?

If this is the case, your neck or back pain symptoms may be the result of a more serious spinal injury known as a Herniated Disc.

A herniated disc is typically a very painful spinal injury and if left untreated can result in long term or permanent spine damage and contribute to more serious health issues.

Disc Decompression
Disc Decompression

What Causes a Spinal Disc Herniation

A spinal misalignment or subluxation that results in a herniated disc can be caused by many different factors. Things like Sport Injuries, Workplace Injuries, Car Accidents, and even overuse can lead to subluxations and spinal misalignments that cause painful disc herniations.

The cause of a disc herniation is a spinal misalignment or subluxation, this type of spinal trauma causes the vertebra of the spine to compress the soft disc nucleus, pushing the disc annulus or disc wall outward causing it to bulge, putting pressure on the spinal nerve root, resulting in mild, severe, and sometimes debilitating pain.

When diagnosing and treating a herniated disc it’s important to determine what stage or type of spinal disc injury we are dealing with, the severity of the disc injury will dictate the individualized treatment plan.

Below you will find the four types of a herniated disc and different stages of deterioration and severity.

The Four Types of Herniated Disc:

  • Stage 1: Disc Compression (Degeneration).
  • Stage 2: Bulging Disc (Prolapse).
  • Stage 3: Disc Protrusion (Extrusion).
  • Stage 4: Herniated Disc (Sequestration).

When diagnosing and treating a herniated disc it’s important to determine the severity of the damage caused by the spinal misalignment.
If You Have Suffered Spinal Trauma… Don’t Wait Seek Treatment Today

Spinal injuries should always be addressed quickly, and treatment should be administered by Board Certified Chiropractors to ensure that spinal misalignments are corrected properly and naturally without addictive pain medication or the need for invasive surgery.


Wilbeck Chiropractic Offers Relief from Severe Back Pain with Top Rated Disc Decompression Therapy

At Wilbeck Chiropractic we specialize in diagnosing and treating spinal disc herniation, degenerative disc disease and many other spinal injuries or musculoskeletal conditions.Our top-rated disc decompression therapy, also known as spinal decompression therapy, is non-invasive, reduces pressure on the spine and promotes natural healing from within.


Wichita’s Top Rated Herniated Disc Decompression Treatments

During a disc decompression therapy session, patients lie on a specialized table that is designed to gently stretch and decompress the spine. Our spinal decompression therapy utilizes a computer guided traction system that applies specific forces to the spine.

Disc decompression therapy creates negative pressure within the affected disc, which can help retract a herniated or bulging disc and relieve pressure on spinal nerves. By decompressing the vertebra, we can relieve pressure on the soft disc and encourage the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrients into the spinal disc, speeding up the healing process naturally without the need for surgery and addictive medications.

Stop Living with Herniated Disc Pain Come Experience the Healing Power of Disc Decompression Therapy Today

During your initial visit we will conduct a wellness exam to discuss your injury or area(s) affected by pain and take the necessary steps to diagnose your disc issue, including x-rays.

We are happy to answer questions about insurance coverage and our alternative payment options. Our team will even call your insurance company for you, so you can understand your chiropractic care benefits!

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