Chiropractic Care Treats Ankle & Foot Pain Naturally

Do your feet hurt? Does walking cause you pain? Do your ankles have trouble supporting your weight when you stand? Do you roll your ankle often when you walk? Do you have a sprained ankle, or do you have a history of frequent ankle sprains?

Trouble with your feet and ankles can make your day-to-day life difficult. If ankle and foot pain is causing you daily pain, please visit Wilbeck Chiropractic today. Our team, located in two convenient clinics in the Wichita, Ks area, has helped many patients with a wide range of complaints, including ankle and foot pain. Grant our Board-Certified Chiropractors the chance to relive your pain and schedule an appointment with us today. Our doctors of chiropractic can alleviate your pain and literally get you back up on your feet.

Chiropractic Care for Ankle Pain

Are You Suffering from Ankle or Foot Pain?

Pain in your feet and ankles can halt you in your tracks. Regardless of your activity level, having trouble with basic activities like walking, standing, and climbing up and down stairs can impair anyone’s lifestyle. If you are experiencing ankle or foot-related pain, you are not alone. Approximately one in five people have reported suffering from some form of mild to severe foot pain . According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, 9-to-15% of Americans experience acute or chronic ankle pain .

The problems with pain in the joints of your feet and ankles can be complicated. Our feet and ankles are our body’s foundation. They support our weight and are part of virtually every aspect of our movement. Often when patients have discomfort with activities like walking, standing, and the like, they inadvertently hurt or damage their other muscles and joints in their effort to compensate for their pain or outright avoid movements that cause them distress. Frequently, when our doctors treat patients with a primary complaint of foot and ankle discomfort, they discover that these same patients also experience pain in their hips, knees, back, and neck.


What is Causing My Ankles & Feet to Hurt?

Having pain in your lower extremities like feet or ankles can be frustrating and painful. Unfortunately, numerous factors can cause either an injury or acute or chronic pain in your lower extremities. Medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, sciatica, and obesity are significant contributors to acute or chronic foot and ankle pain. In addition, pregnant women often experience foot and ankle pain, secondary to varying hormone levels, increased weight gain, and gait changes because of the altered center of gravity.

Injuries from sudden traumatic events like Motor Vehicle Accidents and workplace injuries can cause considerable pain in your feet and ankles. Of the two mentioned above, foot and ankle injuries are extremely prevalent in car wrecks involving head-on collisions because victims involved instinctively brace for impact with their feet. Employees who work extended hours on their feet often experience chronic foot and ankle pain akin to a workplace repetitive-motion injury. Athletes are another population that is highly susceptible to sports-related injuries in their feet and ankles. Athletes frequently overwork their feet and ankles with constant intensive exercises that can lead to acute and chronic pain. In addition, athletes who participate in sports that involve explosive movements like sprinting, jumping, and physical confrontation often experience many kinds of acute injuries, including pain in their feet and ankles.

As the foundation of our body weight and mobility, pain in the feet and ankles frequently leads to misalignments with not only their associated joints, but they often have misalignments in the joints and spinal column higher up in their body. This can lead to associated pain in the knees, hips, lower back, and even the neck and head. Unfortunately, sometimes these secondary symptoms are overlooked because of the intensity of their pain in their ankles and feet.

Listed below are a few of the more common causes of pain in the feet and ankles:

• Obesity
• Falls
• Diabetes
• Sprained Ankle
Sports Injuries
• Arthritis
Work-Related Accidents
Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Tendonitis
Joint Pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Spinal Misalignments
• High Heels or Shoes with Improper Support
• Muscular Degeneration
• Age-Related Deterioration
• Hyperflexion/Extension


Chiropractic Offers Relief & Recovery from Ankle & Foot Pain

Don’t let pain in your ankles and feet rule your life! Allow the Chiropractors at Wilbeck Chiropractic’s to relieve your pain and help you regain your mobility!

Patients have sought chiropractic care at the Clinics of Wilbeck Chiropractic for a multitude of complaints. We have treated our patients for both acute and chronic pain. Whenever someone comes to us with a complaint of foot and ankle pain, we make it our priority to relieve their pain and restore their mobility. Like any other issue with pain and discomfort, our doctors treat foot and ankle pain at its source, the nervous system.

Every patient that seeks care at one of our conveniently located Wichita clinics gets a one-on-one assessment with one of our board-certified chiropractors. During this assessment, our doctors evaluate the patients physically while discussing their individual concerns. Then, the patient and our chiropractic team develop a care plan to best treat the patient’s pain and discomfort and address their overall health concerns. During this process, our doctors may decide to obtain x-rays better evaluate their source of pain.

After completing the assessment, our doctors of chiropractic start treatment. The chiropractors begin treatment by correcting any misalignments in the patient’s spine, ankles, feet, knees, and other afflicted joints back into their proper positions. Patients may experience a small pop when their joints are realigned. Patients may feel initial relief following their first treatment, but it often takes a few therapy sessions before they experience complete pain relief. Once these misalignments are corrected, your nervous system’s ability to send and receive signals up and down the neural pathways improves dramatically. This improves the health of your overall body and alleviates ongoing pain.

Regarding foot and ankle pain, we recommend regular preventative chiropractic adjustments. As the base of our body’s foundation, the ankles and feet are prone to overexertion and need regular care to prevent acute and chronic pain and injury. Chiropractic care can help to keep you pain-free and up on your feet so that you can keep the momentum you need to live your best life. So, schedule an appointment now, and allow the team at Wilbeck Chiropractic help you today.

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