Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Chiropractic Care

We understand that each patient is unique, and with that patients have all types of questions.  Frequently Asked Questions about Wilbeck’s Chiropractic Care are answered here.  If you don’t see an answer to your question please check back, we are continuously adding answers to our FAQ section.  We also encourage you to call us directly for answers to your questions, we’re here to help!

Why choose Wilbeck Chiropractic?

What makes Wilbeck Chiropractic different from other chiropractic clinics in the area?
The first thing that sets us apart is our clinic experience, we take the time to get to know you and your condition. When you come to Wilbeck clinic location, we’re going to do a thorough consultation. One of our expert doctors is going to sit down with you and ask questions about your condition, we’re going to get to know what’s causing your pain and it how long it’s been going on.


What kinds of insurance does Wilbeck Chiropractic Take?

This is a question that we get asked almost every day. Will your insurance company cover chiropractic care? This will depend on your insurance company, coverage, and plan. A lot of insurance companies will cover chiropractic care and that’s wonderful BUT if your insurance doesn’t cover, that’s okay because we want to help everyone no matter what their coverage is.

The good news is we accept most major insurance!
LEARN MORE:  View our list of accepted insurance and find out about the alternative payment options we offer.

What if I don't have health insurance?

No Insurance Coverage? No Problem!

At Wilbeck chiropractic we offer affordable payment options that allow you to pay for your treatment over time. We have payment plans up to 12 months in length with no interest. This allows our patients to get the treatment they need when they need it for less than the cost of your monthly cable bill!

Our flexible cash payment plans give patients more freedom (less restrictive than what insurance companies may cover). This freedom empowers every patient, you decide what treatment is best for you…not a health insurance company.

How many chiropractic treatments will I need?

One of the more frequently asked questions we get from patients is how many treatments will it take to fix my problem? The short answer to that question is, it totally depends on the type and severity of the injury a patient is dealing with. Naturally the more significant the injury the more time it’s going to take to fix, another thing we need to consider is the time a patient has been dealing with the injury.


How does a motor vehicle accident appointment work?

A question we are frequently asked at Wilbeck Chiropractic is, “Do we offer treatments for car accident-related injuries or how does a motor vehicle accident appointment work?” The answer to the first part of this question is, yes. At Wilbeck Chiropractic we offer top rated Car Accident Care that is safe, natural, and non-invasive.

With regards to how our motor vehicle accident appointments work, these appointments are like our normal chiropractic evaluations in that we conduct a full exam with digital x-rays if necessary, discussing, and diagnosing pain in the areas affected. The difference between this type of care and our normal wellness or pain treatments is that our Doctors will want to spend extra time evaluating the neck area due to the possibility of trauma caused by whiplash.


How does insurance work at our chiropractic office?

One of most frequently asked questions we hear at Wilbeck Chiropractic is “Will my insurance work at your clinics?” The answer to that question is, most likely, but for your benefit we want to be sure.

We ask that every patient schedule a consultation with us to determine whether chiropractic care will be covered by their insurance provider. We don’t want patients paying out of pocket if they don’t have to.


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