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The shoulder is one of the most versatile joints in your body. You use it for all manner of everyday tasks, from lifting and carrying objects to washing the dishes and mowing the lawn. For people with active lifestyles, the strain you put on your shoulders can become much more intense. For the professional, student, and weekend warrior athletes, your shoulder’s strength and flexibility are crucial to your workout routine, competition, and the activities you love most. So, when something goes wrong with this invaluable ball and socket joint, everything from work, play, sports, exercise, and even home life can come screeching to a halt.

Shoulder Pain

If you have acute or chronic shoulder pain, don’t allow yourself to continue to suffer and miss out on the things you know and love. You do not have to live a life of continuous pain. Let the pain and sport-injuries experts at Wilbeck Chiropractic treat your discomfort. The doctors at Wilbeck have successfully treated countless patients in the greater Wichita area, including those afflicted with injured shoulder joints.


The Shoulder Joint is Crucial to a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

Your shoulder joints, along with the hips, have some of the most comprehensive and complex ranges of motion in the body. The specific joints your shoulders have are called ball and socket joints. Your arms are connected to your torso by the head of the humerus (upper arm bone) secured place by the glenoid cavity[i] within the scapula (shoulder blade). These bones remain flexible yet fixed in place by a series of connective tissues. The ligaments connect bones to each other, providing a skeletal framework. Tendons connect bones to muscles, allowing them to move and function. Cartilage is set around the end of bones and offers to cushion them and prevent bone-related breakdown and pain. Synovial joints are free-floating joints that act as a lubricant to allow ease of movement[ii]. When your shoulder joints begin to deteriorate due to injury, age, or overuse it can lead to a series of painful symptoms or conditions.


Know the Symptoms and Root Cause of Shoulder Pain

The shoulders are an essential part of a person’s daily movement and activities. Virtually no action in the upper and much of the lower body can be performed without their support. This means that your shoulders are always under a constant yet often unnoticed strain. That is until something goes wrong.

Like any other body part, your shoulder joints are susceptible to injuries, breakdowns, and ailments. Their complex nature and range of motion can predispose them to specific injuries or conditions.

One of the most common injuries within the shoulder is a rotator cuff related injury. The rotator cuff is a core group of muscles that bunch together to form one large tendon that covers the ball joint of the humerus, locking it in place within the shoulder blade allowing you to lift and rotate your arm. Typically, when you injure your rotator cuff you are tearing the ligaments that connect the end of the humerus to the shoulder blade pulling them away from your shoulder joint or ball socket. When this happens, it makes lifting or rotating your arm extremely painful and, in some cases, hinders movement completely.

The two most common types of rotator cuff tears are acute and degenerative. These types of injuries can be linked to a fall on an outstretched arm or improperly lifting something heavy, as well as sports related injuries, age, and overuse. Its not uncommon for athletes young and old to suffer from rotator cuff issues, due to the excess strain that they put on their shoulder joints. It may seem like a rotator cuff injury only affects those who have suffered a fall or sports related injury. However, the most common form of rotator cuff injury is simply overuse. As we age our joints eventually break down and deteriorate over time, making individuals over the age of 40 far more susceptible shoulder related injuries.

Knowing Shoulder or Rotator Cuff Pain Symptoms

  • Warm sensation or a redness in your shoulder.
  • Neck, arm, or back pain.
  • Clicking, popping, or grinding when you move your arm.
  • Muscle stiffness or weakness.
  • Limited range of motion.


What Could Be Causing My Joint Pain?

Athletes of all kinds, from professional, college, children, and weekend warriors, can be vulnerable to sports-related injuries. Especially if they play motor-intensive sports like baseball, football, tennis, and martial arts that rely on hard, fast, twisting motions of the shoulder and arm.

People who experience ground-level falls at work or home often try to catch themselves with their arms and shoulders when they land. It is also not uncommon to experience shoulder-related injuries from motor vehicle accidents attempting to brace for impact during the collision.

Another common factor that causes acute or chronic shoulder pain is conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, and inflammatory joint disease. Arthritis alone affects up to 15 million Americans a year[iii]. Shoulder pain can feel sharp, achy, burning, and it usually flares up with palpation (touching the sore place) and movement.


Treat Shoulder Pain Naturally with Chiropractic Care

Do not let your shoulder pain ruin your life! Allow Wilbeck’s Board-Certified Doctors of Chiropractic the opportunity to alleviate your discomfort and help you live your best life today!

Patients in the Wichita area can visit either of our conveniently located Clinics of for their shoulder discomfort and pain. Our expert chiropractors offer natural treatment to alleviate debilitating shoulder-joint pain. Regardless of the complaint, our doctors of chiropractic treat our patients’ pain and discomfort at its source, the nervous system.

Chiropractic Care is a safe natural approach to treating shoulder issues or injuries. Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to reduce inflammation and increase the range of motion. The major benefit to chiropractic care is its ability to relieve shoulder pain naturally without the need for prescription drugs or surgery.


What to Expect When You Visit a Wilbeck Chiropractic Clinic

Whenever a patient comes into our clinics seeking aid with their acute or chronic shoulder-joint discomfort, our chiropractors take the time to assess their pain and discuss their concerns. After which, the doctors and patients work together to develop a plan to best treat their pain and improve their overall health. During this assessment, our doctors may obtain x-rays of their patients’ afflicted joints to better evaluate the potential source of their pain and rule out potential concerns, like fractures.

Once their assessment is complete, the treatment is initiated by the chiropractors. They start by manually correcting any misalignments in the afflicted shoulder, other joints, and spine. Spinal misalignments are common in shoulder-related pain and injuries because of the awkward way their patients move with their affiliated pain.

Our doctors realign our patients’ joints and spinal column by applying gentle pressure to the afflicted area’s muscles and joints, manually readjusting them to their proper position. Patients often feel a small popping sensation in their shoulder joints and spinal column as they are correctly realigned. Sometimes our patients experience instant pain relief after their initial treatment, but typically they need multiple chiropractic treatments to feel the full therapeutic benefits.

To help prevent future reoccurrences of joint pain, we advise that our patients schedule regular adjustments to maintain the health of their nervous system. Routine chiropractic treatments improve the overall health of your body and helps prevent future incidents of joint pain.


Important Special Note:

If you are experiencing left-sided shoulder, arm, or neck pain that doesn’t change or worsen with movement or touch, you should seek immediate emergency medical treatment via 911 or the hospital. Left arm/shoulder pain independent of movement and palpation is a common symptom of potentially life-threatening heart attacks and other related cardiac symptoms.

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