Embarking on Healing: A Patient’s First Day at Wilbeck Chiropractic

At Wilbeck Chiropractic, with multiple locations in Wichita, Kansas, we understand that the first step toward wellness is a crucial one. As a new patient stepping into our clinic, your journey begins with a warm welcome and a commitment to personalized care.


Your first day at one of our top rated clinics

It starts off with a one-on-one consultation with one of our esteemed board-certified doctors. This dedicated time serves as a valuable opportunity for you to articulate your current health concerns, while the doctor listens attentively, asking pertinent questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of your concerns. Patient inquiries are not only welcomed but encouraged, fostering an open dialogue to ensure the patient feels heard and understood.

Should the doctor identify your case as chiropractic in nature, the next phase involves a thorough examination. This comprehensive assessment includes a series of spinal tests and evaluations specific to your concerns, providing detailed insights into the nature and origin of your health issues. If necessary, X-rays may be recommended to garner a complete picture of the your condition.

Simultaneously, our diligent insurance will make a copy of your insurance card (if applicable) and promptly contacting your insurance provider for a detailed quote of your coverage. If you are a self pay patient we have very affordable plans for this as well! This proactive step ensures a clear understanding of insurance coverage, eliminating any uncertainties regarding financial aspects.

With the information gathered on the first day, our team of doctors collaborates to review the your case. Analyzing X-rays and considering your individual needs, they will craft a tailored treatment plan focused not only on relieving your immediate pain but also addressing the root cause of the issue.


The next step unfolds on the subsequent visit

Usually scheduled for the following day. During this appointment, you will receive a detailed report of findings. The doctor presents the results of tests and X-rays, as well as explaining the treatment plan to fix your issues. This transparent discussion empowers you with knowledge about your health, fostering a sense of partnership in their healing process.

After the doctor provides your first treatment, our financial team will ensures that you are well-informed about your financial obligations at the onset of care giving a complete picture of the total cost of care. This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to transparency, individualized care, and the overall well-being of our patients.

Embarking on healing at Wilbeck Chiropractic, located in Wichita, Kansas is more than a medical visit; it’s a collaborative journey toward optimal health, guided by dedicated professionals who prioritize personalized care, open communication, and the empowerment of each patient on their path to wellness.

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