Dr. Taylor WilbeckDR. TAYLOR WILBECK, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Taylor Wilbeck is a Chiropractor in Wichita that focuses on the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders including headache, neck pain, low back pain, injuries from auto accidents, sciatica, pregnancy related low back pain and many more.

He graduated with honors from Cleveland Chiropractic College where he gained extensive training to understand the human body. His goal, and the goal of Wilbeck Chiropractic, is to bring health to the community of Wichita through drug free and natural treatments that work!

Dr. Wesley DetrickDR. WESLEY DETRICK, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

After teaching science and math for 12 years, Dr. Wes Detrick acted upon a calling he had felt years earlier to become a chiropractor and moved to Kansas City where he attended Cleveland Chiropractic College, graduating in 2005 with honors. After a brief associateship in Springfield, MO, he moved to Wichita where he operated his own practice for 12 years.

Sharing a common vision with Dr. Wilbeck, Dr. Detrick joined the Wilbeck Chiropractic team in 2019. “I love getting to meet and help the many wonderful people that come through our doors”.

Dr. Josh MayDR. JOSH MAY, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Joshua May received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2015. Prior to that he received his Bachelor’s in science from Wichita State University.

He has always had a passion for helping people experience better health and quality of life through natural, conservative, and preventative approaches. He is also grateful to live in a country with incredible medical care for the times when that need arises, and is well trained in natural methods to use in conjunction with medical care to decrease pain, speed up healing, and increase quality of life.