Treat Your Fibromyalgia with Chiropractic Care

Do you have widespread, unexplainable pain throughout your body? Has your sensitivity to pain increased dramatically? Do you have trouble sleeping and staying awake? Do you have difficulty concentrating? If you have any or more of these symptoms, you may have fibromyalgia. If so, you do not have to face this condition alone. Allow the team at Wilbeck Chiropractic the opportunity to help you find relief, and get your fibromyalgia under control, today!

Treat Fibromyalgia with Chiropractic

What is Fibromyalgia?

If you have fibromyalgia, you are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control, up to 4 million Americans have fibromyalgia[i]. It can affect people of all ages, including children, but is primarily diagnosed in middle-aged patients and older. Women are twice as likely to contrive fibromyalgia than men. In addition, people with auto-immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and Lupus have a higher likelihood of developing fibromyalgia[ii].

So, what exactly is fibromyalgia? The short answer is that researchers are not exactly sure. Until recently, it was largely stigmatized as a pseudo-disorder in the traditional medical community. However, as more research has been done to understand this condition, scientists and doctors have concluded that fibromyalgia is, in fact, a genuine and pervasive disorder.

The problem is that there aren’t definitive tests to identify fibromyalgia in the body. There are no diagnostic x-rays or bloodwork to definitively identify fibromyalgia other than ruling out other potential factors for a patient’s symptoms and pain. As a result, medical practitioners largely diagnose their patients with fibromyalgia through a process of elimination.

Diagnosis of fibromyalgia is even more difficult because it doesn’t have a clearly defined origin. Generally, people develop fibromyalgia gradually over time. However, there are numerous cases where people have developed fibromyalgia after a traumatic event like a car accident or over a prolonged period of stress. In addition, people with mood disorders like PTSD, anxiety, and depression are more likely to develop fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, this has added to the stigmatization of fibromyalgia and mental health disorders.

What is known is that fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread pain and increased hypersensitivity to pain. Research has shown that people with fibromyalgia have an increased amount of the chemicals in the brain that signal pain. Their nerve endings also become oversensitive and overreact to painful and nonpainful stimulation, intensifying a person’s perception of pain. It is believed that these changes in the brain chemicals contribute to symptoms of fatigue, sleep disorders, and cognitive problems that many people with fibromyalgia experience[iii].


What are the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a pervasive neurological condition that targets the nerve endings throughout the body. As of now, it is unknown what causes someone to develop fibromyalgia, as causation significantly varies case by case. However, people with fibromyalgia have similar symptoms, including widespread pain, hypersensitivity to pain, sleep disorders, decreased cognitive function, and increased mood disorders. Other symptoms that people with fibromyalgia have displayed are the following:


Treating Fibromyalgia Naturally with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments offer a safe natural approach to fibromyalgia pain and symptom management. Chiropractic is an excellent way to target specific areas of the body that fibromyalgia may be affecting and treat them accordingly. Chiropractic care will help those afflicted regain any lost mobility by properly re-aligning joints, while eliminating painful nerve irritation, and greatly reducing inflammation throughout the entire body.

When a patient with fibromyalgia is adjusted correctly, their neural pathways have less interference and can send and receive signals properly. This helps decrease the problems with hypersensitivity to both painful and non-painful stimuli. Many of these same patients also enjoy increased energy levels and reduced concentration issues, known as the fibromyalgia fog.

Since there isn’t a definitive cure for fibromyalgia, we recommend that our patients with this disorder get regular preventative chiropractic adjustments. For those with fibromyalgia disorder, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If a person with fibromyalgia maintains the health of their nervous system with chiropractic care, they can prevent future re-occurrences of related symptoms and pain.


Wilbeck Chiropractic Offers Relief from Fibromyalgia

Wilbeck Chiropractic knows that your pain and symptoms from fibromyalgia are real, and we want to help you.

Wilbeck Chiropractic Clinics, conveniently located throughout the Wichita area, take a holistic approach when we treat your fibromyalgia pain. We treat fibromyalgia at its source, the central nervous system. Whenever a patient comes in for a consultation with our team, our doctors take the time to assess them individually and discuss their concerns. During this assessment, we may obtain x-rays to determine if the patient’s spine and joints are misaligned. Our chiropractors then work with their patients to develop an effective treatment plan that cares for their symptoms and pain.

Once a care plan has been established, our chiropractors start treatment. To alleviate our patients’ pain and symptoms, our doctors manually correct any misaligned joints in their patient’s afflicted limbs and spinal column. They accomplished this by applying gentle pressure to the muscles and joints around the misaligned area and readjusting them back to their proper position. Patients often feel a slight popping sensation as they are correctly realigned. Sometimes our patients experience instant pain relief after their first treatment, but they usually need multiple chiropractic adjustments before they experience complete relief.

Allow our Board Certified Doctors of Chiropractic the opportunity to relieve your fibromyalgia pain and help you reclaim your life. Fibromyalgia does not have to rule your daily life. Let us help you today!

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