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Physical therapy plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation process after someone has been involved in a car accident. The goal of chiropractic care and physiotherapy is to restore function, reduce pain, improve mobility, and enhance the overall quality of life for individuals who have sustained injuries due to motor vehicle accidents.

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident the best thing you can do for your spinal health is scheduling an examination with a board-certified spinal specialist like a chiropractor to ensure that your spine and the rest of your musculoskeletal system has not been seriously damaged by the extreme forces that are applied to the body during a car accident.

Physical Therapy for Car Accident Incidents

Even a Minor Car Accident is Enough to Cause Significant Damage to the Spine

At Wilbeck Chiro our team of Top-Rated Chiropractors and Physiotherapist will diagnose and determine a specific treatment plan tailored to your health and wellness needs. Our Car Accident-Related Chiropractic Care and physiotherapy treatments are designed to improve and restore physical function and mobility of individuals who may have experienced injury or disability during a motor vehicle accident.

Our car accident physiotherapy treatments utilize physical techniques and exercises to promote healing, while alleviating pain, and enhancing overall health and wellness.

The Types of Physical Therapy Do We Offer at Wilbeck Chiropractic:

Every patient is different, and the number of physical therapy sessions will vary depending on the severity of the injuries sustained during the car accident and the patient’s response to PT.

If you or your loved ones have recently been involved in a car accident and require physical therapy, make an appointment today.
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Stop Living with Pain from a Car Accident Injury Experience the Healing Power of Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

During your initial visit we will conduct a wellness exam to discuss your injury or area(s) affected by pain and take the necessary steps to diagnose your injury, including x-rays.

We are happy to answer questions about insurance coverage and our alternative payment options.Our team will even call your insurance company for you, so you can understand your chiropractic care and physical therapy benefits!

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