Treat Your Hip Pain Naturally with Chiropractic Care

Treat Hip Pain with Chiropractic Care

Do you have trouble walking? Do you experience chronic lower back or pelvic pain whenever you stand? Does the tension in your thighs, butt, and lower back make it hard for you to sleep? Then you may have an issue with the joints in your hips. If one or both of your hips is causing you pain or discomfort, let the team at Wilbeck Chiropractic help you today. Our Board-Certified Chiropractors have treated countless patients in the greater Wichita, KS area, including those experiencing hip pain and discomfort. Please schedule an appointment today, and allow our doctors of chiropractic the opportunity to relieve your pain and get you back to living your best life.


Your Hips are Pivotal to Your Health and Movement

The term hip refers to the region where your leg connects to your pelvis, specifically where the largest bones in your body, the femurs, also known as the thigh bones, connect to your pelvis by a ball and socket joint. These ball and socket joints of each hip grant your legs a wider range of motion to help them perform their daily tasks. The hips are vital to your body’s stabilization, ability to move, and bear weight. The hip is crucial to every action from walking, running, rotating, kicking, and even standing still.


What Is Causing My Hip Joint Pain?

As the foundation of your body weight, and your ability to move, it is easy to understand why any form of hip pain can not only be uncomfortable, but also places a noticeable strain on your daily life and activities. Since your hips are crucial to so many functions related to your body’s core strength, stability, and motion, they are very susceptible to strain, injury, and misalignment. This discomfort can range from a mildly annoying discomfort to debilitating pain.

Pain in the hips can originate from several different roots. One of the most common origins is osteoarthritis. Arthritis can affect people of all ages, but those over sixty are far more prone to this condition. Over 32 million adults in the United States alone have osteoarthritis of one form or another[i]. Additionally, around 15 million Americans have some form of joint pain from other forms of Arthritis[ii].

Patients with other medical conditions like fibromyalgia and sciatica also experience mild to severe hip joint pain. Fibromyalgia is characterized by mood disorders, cognitive issues, and widespread pain. Although its origins are largely misunderstood, experts believe that fibromyalgia severely amplifies the brain’s ability to sense pain[iii]. The origins of sciatica can vary greatly. However, a flare-up, or inflammation, of the sciatic nerve can cause jolts of pain to shoot down your back, pelvis, hips, legs, and feet.

Pregnant women also experience a significant increase in all forms of joint pain, especially in their hips. This is because the hormone changes cause the structures of the ligaments and joints to soften and relax. This, plus additional factors like increases in body weight and the accompanying changes in postures to compensate for their growing baby, considerably increase a pregnant mother’s risk of all forms of injuries, misalignments, and strain. Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to pain in their lower back, hips, and feet.

Injuries account for another large proportion of people who experience hip pain. Most hip joint injuries are caused by ground-level falls, particularly in the winter months when people are more prone to slip on the ice. Hip-related injuries are most prevalent in patients in the elderly population. Over 300,000 patients sixty-five and older are hospitalized each year for a hip injury, of which 95 percent of that number are from ground-level falls[iv]. Sport-related injuries, motor vehicle collisions, and work-associated accidents also account for many patients who experience acute or chronic hip joint pain.

Listed below are a few of the more common causes of hip joint pain:


Chiropractic Care Offers Relief and Recovery from Hip Pain

Don’t let pain in your hip joints rule your life! Allow the Chiropractors at Wilbeck Chiropractic to alleviate your pain and help you live your best life today!

Wilbeck Chiropractic Clinics has treated countless patients who came to us for their acute and chronic pain, including those who experience mild to debilitating hip joint pain. As with the case with all patients, our doctors treat our patients’ pain at its source, the nervous system.

Whenever a patient seeks care at either of our Wichita clinics because they are experiencing pain, including those with hip joint discomfort, our chiropractors take the time to assess them thoroughly and discuss their concerns. This is when we develop a care plan to treat your pain and discomfort and improve your overall health. As part of their assessment, our doctors may obtain any x-rays they feel are needed to better evaluate the source of your pain.

Once the assessment is complete, our chiropractors begin treatment. Experience has shown us time and again that most patients experiencing pain in their hip joints also have spinal misalignments. This increases their overall discomfort in their hips and aggravates other related symptoms. The chiropractors initiate treatment by gently correcting any misalignments in their patient’s spine, hips, and other afflicted joints back into their proper positions. Patients often experience a slight pop when their spine and hip joints are realigned correctly. Once your spine and joints are realigned into their correct position, your nervous system will significantly improve its ability to send and receive signals. This should alleviate your pain, improve your stability, and increase your mobility. Patients may feel some initial relief after their first treatment, but it often takes a few treatment sessions before they notice a significant difference.

To prevent re-occurrences of hip joint pain, we recommend that our patients schedule regular chiropractic adjustments to preserve the health of their joints and nervous system. Regular chiropractic treatments help improve your health, but they also prevent future incidents of hip joint pain. So schedule an appointment now, and let the team at Wilbeck Chiropractic help you live your best life today.

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