Chiropractic Treatments Offers Natural Relief for Those Suffering from Knee Pain

Is one or both of your knees in constant pain? Does it hurt to walk, stand, or climb stairs? Does your knee pain get worse with changes in the weather? Do you miss activities that you used to enjoy, like going for walks, riding your bike, or working out? Is discomfort in your knee slowing you down?

You don’t have to resign yourself to living in constant pain. Allow the Doctors of Chiropractic at Wilbeck Chiropractic the chance to treat you today. We can help you with your knee pain and get you back onto the road to recovery.

Knee Pain

Knees Are Pivotal to Your Health and Movement

Your knees are critical to nearly all your movements from walking, climbing, and even standing still. The knee joints bear your weight and keep you moving as well. To function, these crucial structures of the body have a series of muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and more to keep movements smooth. The knee is comprised of the femur, patella, and tibia, joined together by a series of ligaments and tendons. The knee is primarily a hinge joint (flexion and extension in one set of directions), but it has limited lateral (side to side) rotation. The knees also have fibrocartilage structures called the lateral and medial meniscus set between the femurs and tibias. The menisci both cushion the impact between bones and stabilize the knee joints. The final structures are the bursae, synovial-filled fluid sacs that ease the friction and wear tear on the bones when the knees actively move.


What Is Causing My Knee Pain?

The knees, like the hips and feet, are vital to our everyday movements and stability. Whether minor or major, when something goes wrong, it becomes immediately noticeable. Due to its structural complexity and constant strain, the knees are unfortunately susceptible to numerous factors that can cause acute and chronic pain and injury. According to the National Library of Medicine, up to 25 percent of adults have recurrent knee pain. Osteoarthritis is the most common source of knee pain in adults 50 years and older . Knee injuries also account for countless incidents of knee pain. In fact, an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the centralized ligament that connects the tibia to the femur, accounts for 40 percent of sports-related injuries . ACL injuries are one of the most common knee injuries in adolescents. However, knee injuries from car accidents, ground-level falls, and work-related accidents occur frequently.

Listed below are some of the more common reasons for knee pain:


Chiropractic Care Treats Your Knee Pain Naturally

Do not let knee pain sideline you from your life!

Let Wilbeck’s Board-Certified Doctors of Chiropractic have the chance to relieve your pain and get you back up on your feet. Chiropractic treatments are an excellent natural source of pain relief for the entire body. When we target the knee joints with chiropractic adjustments, we focus on reducing inflammation in the knee that is causing the pain while increasing your range of motion.

Whenever a patient comes into our clinics for any complaint, including acute or chronic knee pain, our chiropractors assess them and discuss their individual concerns. Together the doctors and patients develop a plan to treat their discomfort and prevent future reoccurrences. During this assessment, our doctors may obtain knee x-rays to look for potential causes of pain and mitigate other possible concerns, like a bone fracture.

Once their assessment is complete, chiropractic treatment is initiated. It is not uncommon for patients who experience knee pain to also have misaligned spines. This is usually either secondary to the triggering injury or because the patient is awkwardly overcompensating their movements for their knee pain. So along with treating the patient’s knee pain and surrounding joints, our doctors address their spinal misalignments.

Our doctors realign the patient’s knee joints and spinal column by applying gentle pressure to the afflicted area’s muscles and joints. This manually readjusts the joints back into their proper position. Patients often feel a small popping sensation in their joints and spinal column as they are correctly realigned. Once these misalignments are corrected, the neural pathways transmit and receive signals more efficiently, easing symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Sometimes our patients experience instant pain relief after their initial treatment, but it’s more common to feel complete pain relief after consecutive visits. Therefore, to help prevent future reoccurrences of knee and other related pain, we advise our patients to schedule follow-up appointments for regular preventative chiropractic adjustments. Routine regular chiropractic adjustments not only prevent pain but also maintain the health of the nervous system.

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