What to Expect – How Many Treatments Will I Need?

One of the more frequently asked questions we get from patients is how many treatments will it take to fix my problem? The short answer to that question is, it totally depends on the type and severity of the injury a patient is dealing with. Naturally the more significant the injury the more time it’s going to take to fix, another thing we need to consider is the time a patient has been dealing with the injury.

A patient who’s been dealing with chronic back pain will need more attention than a patient with a minor injury. A patient with chronic back pain lasting for long periods of time should not expect to come into our office and get three treatments and wipe away 10 years of a back injury it just doesn’t work that way.

Chiropractic is a lot like Physical Therapy, you’re never going to go to a physical therapist for a week and see all your issues corrected, it takes time. In most cases, it took significant time for your spine or your condition to progress to the point it is now. It takes time to correct spinal misalignments and musculoskeletal pain, for any office that claims that they can fix your back in one or two treatments I’d be very skeptical. Patients may find short-term pain relief but fixing the issue requires long term care.

Your spine in a lot of ways is like your teeth and most of us are familiar with how braces work, someone with crooked teeth doesn’t get braces and expect that within a week their teeth are going to be straight and even. If you removed your braces your teeth would go back to being crooked, it takes time for braces to correct a smile and after that you wear a retainer to keep them that way. Chiropractic care is very similar, in that it does take time to properly treat, maintain, and prevent subluxations and correct spinal misalignment.

The good thing is, we do offer a new patient special which allows you to come in for 19 dollars. This includes a thorough consultation and examination with one of our top-rated doctors and x-rays if needed. After your exam your doctor will put together a treatment plan specifically tailored for you. We break down what it’s going to take and what we expect it’ll take in terms of the number of treatments to get you well. Our goal at Wilbeck Chiropractic is to not only treat your pain but the root cause of the pain.

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Due to the individual approach to treating patients with chiropractic care as well as the differences in insurance plans and coverage, it is impossible to give an accurate estimate of the cost of your care without being assessed by one of our doctors and having one of our staff members call your insurance company to verify your coverage. Check out our new patient special for an affordable way to get started!