Can I Give Myself an Adjustment?

Are self-adjustments safe? Can I give myself an adjustment? These are two questions that we are frequently asked by our patients at Wilbeck Chiropractic. The answer to both questions is no, there is no real way to perform a safe spinal self-adjustment and it’s impossible for an individual to manipulate the spine like a chiropractor would without causing further injury or harm to the spine.

A Self Adjusting Might Feel Like Relief, but You Could Be Doing More Damage

Patients who self-adjust may experience a brief period of relief from pain and pressure when they feel or hear a pop. The truth is, you simply cannot safely manipulate your own spine through self-adjustment, and we advise any patient or parent of pediatric patient against doing self-adjusting.

Trust the Experts with the Alignment of Your Spinal

Spinal adjustments should always be performed by board certified Doctors of Chiropractic to ensure they are being administered correctly. Chiropractic adjustments are very specific, and each patient spinal alignment is different; that’s why we asses every patient’s spine to determine which segment of the spine has lost motion or is stuck in an incorrect position, this allows us to adjust accordingly, targeting the specific areas of the spine that are in misalignment.


Don’t Do Any Further Damage to Your Spine by Self Adjusting

When a patient who “self-adjusts” feels that “pop or crack” from twisting or wrenching their neck or back, they are just creating movement above and below the embolized area of the spine. The added negative movements of self-adjustments often do more harm to the spine, worsening pain symptoms and lengthening recovery times. That’s why it takes the precision and expertise of board-certified chiropractors to properly realign the spine, maximizing mobility and improving your overall health and wellness.


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